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People Photography for Business

We provide all kinds of people photography – including corporate portraits, people at work, models with products and team shots. These are taken for a variety of uses - websites, brochures, press releases, business and social media. Never underestimate the importance of your profile shots. You may only have a few seconds to engage someone looking at your site or profile and to keep that person interested in you and your business. The old adage of ‘first impressions count’ really does apply – ensure your profile creates the right image for your business.

Create the Right Impression

Take a quick look at business and social media to see many examples of appalling photography. If your profile photo is blurred, pixelated or entirely inappropriate, what does that say about the quality of your service and attention to detail?

We listen to what you want to achieve and can advise on backgrounds, clothing and colours. We can shoot at your premises, on location or in our own studio. Our photographers are experienced with using lighting to the best advantage, taking the best angles and getting people to relax – utilise our knowledge and experience to put you ahead of the competition.

The Importance of Quality Press Photography

Every picture tells a story! If you have a product or business to promote, be it in printed publications or on line, a striking image will attract the reader’s attention. Images are undoubtedly still a powerful and effective medium for non-verbal communication. If a photo is interesting and striking, the reader will stop and read the caption and then often the full editorial. Many people will flick over an article but almost all photos get noticed.

Getting editorial space in specific publications can be challenging – but a well thought out image can help tremendously.

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